Author's Autobiography

I am an aspiring vet student who studied all 3 sciences at A-Level. I am Dorset born and bred and hope to go to Nottingham University to study.

I have a passion for animals and the potential to integrate animal and human medicine, leading to the potential to improve the quality of many lives. My main interests are Orthopedics and Oncology but, I am interested in most aspects of medicine. In my opinion, there are many ways that illness and disease can be prevented yet, so many preventable conditions are occurring day to day. I believe that there is a way to educate people and animal owners to prevent potentially deadly disease by sharing vital infomation and knowledge.

I am also interested in rugby, swimming, horses and dog training. I design websites and marketing material and I love to cook! I run an Instagram page called studentfoods 101 to help educate students on how to cook cost effective and nutritious meals. I have published a book called, Getting into Vet School to share my inside knowledge on getting 5 offers and I private tutor too. I love to share knowledge and insight to help others around me achieve their goals!