Author's Autobiography

My name is Nikhil Karikkasserry and I go to the Sixth Form at Colchester Royal Grammar School.

The complexities of the human body is what originally drew me towards medicine and the fact that there is still so much more that I don’t know is what keeps me going. I’m particularly interested in preventative medicine because this area of medicine encompasses material that can directly affect both you and me such as how to combat stress or the effects of staring at your phone for so long.

DocBot is an excellent way for me to be able to directly influence the reader’s livelihood for the better and that alone gives me enough motivation to hopefully keep on churning out articles.

For me, writing is a hobby and medicine is a passion so the fact that DocBot allows me to bring the two together and improve the general public’s lifestyle was perfect for me. I still have other hobbies such as sketching, rugby and gardening- yes, a 17 year old can enjoy a bit of time in the garden as well!

My medical interests range from emergency medicine to immunology, cardiology and haematology.