The Importance of Vaccines Today

The answer to this statement would seem pretty self explanatory if the person reading it has had some education on immunology. However there are some people today who would say that vaccines are truly horrible and they should be banned, mainly due to misrepresentation in the media. For example the belief that vaccines cause autism which has been disproven multiple times and the researcher conducting that trail has had their licence revoked.

Vaccines are extremely useful today since they provide us with long term immunity to harmful diseases such as measles and poliomyelitis. This is done by injecting a dead or inactive form of the pathogen into the body, mainly the muscles as the pathogen is less likely to cause an adverse side effect and the vaccine is processed much more quickly by phagocytes.

The high importance of vaccines has lead to the injection of them being carefully monitored with high regulation of the correct needle gauge and length. Overall this means that it is very unlikely for something negative or unforeseen to happen. In addition vaccines have also contribute to a global decrease in child mortality and morbidity.

On the other hand, vaccines can’t be given to all members of the public as some have compromised immune systems or underlying issues such as cancer patients which fall into both categories and the elderly.

This means that the majority of the public has to receive one so that we as a society can achieve herd immunity which acts as a barrier to those most vulnerable since the pathogen will enter an immune person first and be killed, saving the vulnerable person.


Milad Rouf Final Year Medical Student, Cardiff University.

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