The Reproductive Health Implications of Depression/ Postpartum Depression

The purpose of this e-learning module is to reinforce medical knowledge regarding depression/ post-partum mood disorders and their health implications on reproduction. It should reinforce your learning and good clinical practice, subsequently improving patient care and safety.

The module is not just blocks of text! We have informative yet interesting video illustrations, a quiz and full multimedia integration so it is applicable for all types of learners.

There is a short assessment of 10 SBA (single best answer) questions towards the end of this module (without a pass mark). Full explanations are given upon completion. The resources used to collate these questions include BMJ Best Practice and NICE Guidelines.

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At the end of this e-learning module, you should be able to recognize symptoms, risk factors and presentations of depression in women, including pre-menstrual and post-partum mood disorders.

Screen women for depression throughout their reproductive years.

Understand the various medication alternatives for depression in women and know when to refer.

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The course is completely free. Upon completion you will receive a certificate and can self accredit 1 CPD. We just ask that you leave some feedback at the end so we can continue improving the course!

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