Author's Autobiography

As I advance in my medical journey I recognise the negative and deteriorating outlook society can place on health. But as I progress, it is my desire to redirect these societal attitudes and place preservation and enrichment at the HEART of our lives!

From a young age, the importance of having a balanced lifestyle was instilled in my life leading to involvements in music, sport, community participations as well as academia. Unfortunately, the equilibrium within the health triangle of mental, social and physical health is tipped in the majority of communities leading to the development of chronic and long-term illnesses such as depression, diabetes and heart disease.

As a team member of DocBot I am involved in addressing popular health issues within society from heartburn to asthma whilst confronting public health obstacles such as awareness and prevention in the form of education and interactive platforms. Unsurprisingly, I am deeply invested with the shared mission of DocBot which ventures to deliver key medical knowledge to all, in the hope to prevent the rise of chronic disease but restore the health triangle in each of our lives.