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Preventative healthcare is the practise of an informed healthy lifestyle for the prevention of disease later in life. By taking control of our wellbeing we can relieve a great deal of the burden on our NHS and make the system work better for everyone.

Here at DocBot, we provide accurate up-to-date medical articles on how to maintain good health. The topics range from mental health and sexual health to recreational drugs and natural remedies.

We differ from mainstream journalism in that our articles are based on high grade medical evidence and are written by people who understand academic literature and medical science. To write our articles we use peer-reviewed journals (The BMJ, The Lancet), systematic reviews (Cochrane Database), and medical textbooks. Thereby our online content is factual and can be relied upon to be the best advice and not misinform.

We are looking for bright young minds who are passionate about preventative medicine to join us on this altruistic project. You will be trained by our research editorial team to become a recognised author for DocBot and have your own personal portfolio of published articles.

Acceptance into medical/ dental/ vet medical school are incredibly competitive nowadays.

The following data are from the 2020 entry, collated from the Medical School Council, the representative body for UK medical schools:

- Undergraduate entry (A100 course code): Average number of applicants per place 8.9, out of 27 UK medical schools offering the undergraduate A100 Medicine course. The highest score coming from the University of Central Lancashire with an applicants per place ratio of 32, and the lowest score coming from Imperial College London with an applicant per place ratio of 3.

- Graduate Entry Medicine (A101 course code): Average number of applicants per place 16.2, out of 9 UK medical schools.

- Medicine with a Preliminary Year (A104 course code): Average applicant per place ratio of 6.6, out of 1 UK University.

- Medicine with a gateway year (course codes vary): Average applicant per place ratio of 11.1, out of 8 UK medical schools.

These figures highlight just how competitive entry into medical school is in the UK. As well as an entrance exam (UKCAT or BMAT) which all of the UK medical schools require, and have a competitive cut off score for, applicants are advised to undertake clinical work experience, be well-rounded individuals, attend an interview and also provide a written personal statement showcasing why they deserve a place.

However the problem lies with the fact that many of these applicants are incredibly talented, and fulfil the criteria mentioned above. Many universities also understand the competitive nature of the application process and that not every suitable candidate will get a place, Cardiff University stated the following: “the majority of applicants would make great doctors, but due to the limited number of spaces available and the nature of the competition, we are unable to give every suitable candidate an offer”.

This is where DocBot comes in, we give students the opportunity to rise above the competition, by providing authorship. Being an author for an evidence based preventative healthcare platform will not only teach you valuable research skills and knowledge on medical topics, but you will also be part of the grand solution to reduce the burden on the NHS by advocating preventative medicine. As well as the altruistic nature of this, a further benefit is that it will look great on your personal statement and CV.

There are many benefits to becoming an author with DocBot. We are striving to become the leading preventative medicine platform in the UK, and are working closely with Cardiff School of Medicine and Bristol Medical School.

  • You will be part of a unique project, that aims to support our NHS.
  • As a member of this growing platform, it will be a great addition to your personal statement or CV to illustrate the impact you are having on our healthcare system.
  • Once you are approved, you will be given a biography page on the website, where all of your articles will be displayed.
  • Your articles will be viewed by thousands of people in the UK. As the platform grows, so will your impact on our healthcare system.
  • You will be trained by our research editorial team, on how to effectively research with evidence based medicine. This is a crucial skill that you will need as a doctor, it is typically taught in year 3 of the medical course, thus if you can demonstrate to the admissions team via your personal statement or medical school interview that you are competent and proficient in this skill, it will put you at a great advantage, ahead of the competition.
  • Artwork/ diagrams will be provided for each of your articles, we typically use 2 diagrams per article.

A one time fee of £49 (35% discount already applied for a limited time only, offer ends 20/09/2020) will be required to become an author and full member. This fee goes towards the payment of our professional research editorial team for their time and continuous support. Our instructors will provide extensive feedback after each draft to ensure high quality articles are produced. Further learning modules will also be released soon which members will have free access to.

  • Once you have completed the Welcome Pack Module, which includes a comprehensive lesson on researching using evidence based medicine, you will be required to produce a short sample article for us to assess. This can be on any topic of your choice. We will review this, give you feedback and have a 1-to-1 discussion about what your interests are and what particular topics you want to showcase on your profile.

  • Time requirement: We are after quality, not quantity, therefore there is absolutely no time pressure on building your portfolio of articles, we advise that you work in your own time, at your own pace.

  • Full Multimedia Integration to Suit all Learning Types
    Full Multimedia Integration to Suit all Learning Types
  • Have 1-to-1 Discussions With the Module Instructor
    Have 1-to-1 Discussions With the Module Instructor
  • Upcoming Modules Free to Members
    Upcoming Modules Free to Members
  • Develop Essential New Skills
    Develop Essential New Skills
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    Start Networking Early
  • 100% Positive Feedback (out of 110 students so far)
    100% Positive Feedback (out of 110 students so far)

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  • And be part of the grand solution to reduce the burden on the NHS by advocating preventative medicine
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